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Tax consequences associated with high asset divorces

When people get divorced in Arizona, there are many things that they must think about as they move forward, for example, where one is going to live and how will he or she will afford everything. Other concerns might include the children, such as which parent will they live with, and when will each parent see the children. Another is who will get the various assets that the couple owns. This can include household goods or furniture as well as bank accounts, properties, retirement accounts and other assets.

Disclosing financial assets in a high asset divorce

A divorce is generally not an easy process for people in Arizona. Trying to separate a life that was lived as one into two separate lives can be very complicated. Also, while a couple is dividing many aspects of their lives, many times they are not happy with the other one and emotions can affect the decision making process. However, despite the complications and difficulties couples must do this during the divorce.

Using prenuptial agreements to protect property in divorce

Divorces are oftentimes the opposite of weddings. There is no celebration and the happiness is gone. Divorces can be very bitter and combative as well. Also, almost everything that is earned or acquired by the couple during the marriage is considered community property and the couple will need to split up the property during the divorce. This can be a very long and complicated process, especially in a high-asset divorce.

Amber Heard files for divorce from Johnny Depp

Many Arizona fans of the actor Johnny Depp may have heard the news that his wife, Amber Heard, filed for divorce. Apparently the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement and it is unclear what will happen with Depp's massive fortune. He has been in many very successful movies in his career and received a large amount of money for those movies. However, it is unknown what he earned while the couple was married, but Heard is seeking spousal maintenance as part of the divorce as well.

Using QDROs to divide retirement accounts in a divorce

There is a multitude of reasons for couples in Arizona to file for divorce each year. However, the reason for the divorce does not matter when the couple begins separating their lives. The separation process is often just as unique as the marriage. The unique circumstances of the marriage will determine what issues will be dealt with during the divorce and how they will be handled when the divorcing spouses reach an agreement.

What do forensic accountants do in a divorce?

Divorces in Arizona can be very complicated. What causes the complications varies from divorce to divorce though. For example, in a high asset divorce, often times it is the financial aspects that cause the complications. One major part of any divorce is the asset division, and not only do these couples have a large number of assets, but simply valuing all these assets can be difficult.

Finding hidden assets in a high asset divorce

Every divorce in Arizona presents a number of complicated issues. Generally the two people involved in the divorce are no longer on good terms, which can make the process very difficult. Divorces can become even more complicated if the couple has a large number of assets to divide. Simply valuing all the assets in a high asset divorce can be complicated and time consuming.

Dividing property in an Arizona divorce

Divorces in Arizona can be very complicated. People have to separate their lives during a very emotional period of time, which is not easy. If the couple has minor children, decisions will need to be made regarding child custody and when each parent will see the children. There are also financial decisions that must be made about child support, alimony and property division.

Popular video game creator prepares for high asset divorce

Many people in Arizona have played the video game Call of Duty or at least have friends or children who may have played the game. The creator of the game who has made a fortune from it is now getting divorced. The couple did not have a prenuptial agreement, so the couple will have to split all the money made from the game. This could be very costly as the net worth of the couple is very high and the wealth may be in many different locations. One source indicates that he recently purchased a $1.7 million home.

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