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Fathers with more parenting time reduce child support

There are many fathers in Arizona who have children but are no longer with the mother of the children. In these situations, the father may have felt like they were fighting an uphill battle during the custody and child support determinations. This is because there is sometimes an assumption that the mother should have more parenting time and should receive child support from the father of the child.

What creates a presumption of paternity in Arizona?

It is important for fathers in Arizona to have good relationships with their child. In the past the mother's relationship was often times seen as more important, but the importance of the father's relationship is being recognized more and more. However, sometimes when the child is born, the biological father of the child is not immediately clear. It is easy to know who the mother is, but simply seeing a baby does not always identify the father.

Presumption that Arizona children need their fathers

Many fathers in Arizona are no longer in a relationship with the mothers of their children. In general, fathers may feel like they fight an uphill battle to see their children. Many times, the mother ends up with more parenting time because the father feels compelled to compromise as he may not feel like he would lose the fight. Despite this, many fathers are very good parents and want to see their children on a regular basis.

The importance of establishing paternity in Arizona

Every child in Arizona has a biological father and mother. However, that does not mean that every child has a legal father and mother. Family dynamics change and children are not always born to a father and mother who are married and living together. It is common to have parents who were never married or were not married at the time when the child was born.

Halle Berry and her husband seek joint custody in divorce

Arizona fans of Halle Berry probably of her history of divorce, as she has had had two previous divorces. She is now beginning her third divorce after two years of marriage to Oliver Martinez. The relationship, according to sources, had not been going well for some time. The two are apparently very competitive and even tried to file divorce against each other.

Establishing paternity for child support and custody

Many fathers in Arizona have children and are not married to the children's mother. While the father may be the biological father, that does not automatically make him the legal father of the child. It is obviously very easy to establish who the mother since they have the child, but paternity is not easy to determine simply by looking at the child.

Fathers' rights to consent to adoptions in Arizona

There are many fathers in Arizona who are no longer with the mother of the child. In these situations, the father does not automatically have custody rights to the child or rights to visitation. This puts the father at the mercy of the mother in order to see their child or establish a relationship with them. However, the fact that a father doesn't have custody rights doesn't mean that he is not the father of the child.

Penalties for violating a parenting time schedule

Many fathers in Arizona are no longer in a relationship with the mother of their children. They may feel like they are fighting an uphill battle when it comes to their children. While fathers are increasingly receiving more time with their children, in many instances, the mother still has the children more often. Therefore, fathers' rights with their children are very important.

Fathers' rights to information regarding their children

Many couples in Arizona have children, but are no longer together. This could be because the couple is divorced or they never were married. In either situation, the parents most likely will have to determine who has custody of the children, as well as the visitation schedule for each parent.

Proposed Arizona bill would change unwed fathers' custody rights

Many children are born out of wedlock in Arizona. In many of these types of situations, the father signs the birth certificate or a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity. This legal document formally establishes the father of the child. It is very easy to identify the mother of the child, as the mother gives birth, but that is not the case for the father. As a result, the law has developed this form to establish paternity.

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