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Arizona program helps parents with their child support needs

It may take a village to raise a child, but it also takes money. This means that if a child's parents break up or divorce, one parent may be obligated to pay child support. The state of Arizona recognizes that child support is an important part of raising a child in a stable and healthy environment and provides assistance to help custodial parents and non-custodial parents.

Child support may cover more than just the basic necessities

What does it take financially to raise a child in Arizona? Of course, a child must be provided the proper food, clothing and shelter needed to survive, but a well-rounded childhood involves so much more. It entails having an appropriate education, receiving quality medical care, participating in sports, hobbies and other interests and so much more. Therefore, when a person is required to pay child support, they are providing the child with more than just the child's basic needs.

Trying to handle child support issues alone can be a mistake

Residents of Arizona may think that since there are child support guidelines and a mathematical formula for determining child support, that everything is pretty cut-and-dried. They may even think that the matter is so simple that they do not need to seek help with regards to their child support issues. However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

What expenses make up a child support obligation?

Parents in Arizona need to raise their children, which often means spending big bucks. There are many costs here, starting with basics such as food, shelter and clothing. These expenses can add up quickly, but there may be costs that don't immediately come to mind. For example, parents need to pay for various extracurricular activities, medical insurance, unreimbursed medical expenses, child care costs, and other expenses.

Sherri Shepherd may need to pay additional child support

People in Arizona who watch the television show "The View" may be aware that Sherri Shepherd recently went through a divorce and legal battle regarding her child. Shephard was eventually ordered to pay child support to her ex-husband. Her ex-husband is now requesting that the court increase the monthly child support obligation based on a belief that Shephard now makes approximately $1.8 million more per year than she did when the original child support order was issued. He is also asking that Shephard be ordered to pay his attorneys' fees and costs.

Underemployment and unemployment with regard to child support

Parents in Arizona have all types of jobs. Some work in finance, business, construction, healthcare, hospitality, and many other types of jobs. Generally speaking, an individual's profession dictates what he or she can afford. This includes what they are able to provide for their children. However, regardless of how much or little they are able to provide, parents have an obligation to provide the essentials for their children.

Arizona counties working with people with child support arrears

Having a child in Arizona can be a very exciting time for parents. In addition to the excitement, there is also a lot of responsibility that comes with having a child. Parents have to raise the children, which means not only loving them and setting rules, but also providing for them financially. Parents must provide food, shelter and clothes as basics, but also need to provide for medical needs, extracurricular activities and many of parts of a child's life.

When can one deviate from the child support guidelines?

As many parents in Arizona know, raising a child can be expensive. Children rely on their parents to provide not only the necessities in life, but also many extras as well. This does not change if the parents split up though. However, how the expenses are paid for certain changes. There are no longer joint accounts, and there are generally two different households and separate monthly bills. So, to ensure both parents are still contributing their share, most of the time, the parents will have a child support order.

How child support changes when one child is emancipated

There are many people who have children in Arizona who are no longer with the other parent. In these cases, generally, the non-custodial parent will end up paying child support to the other parent. This is a monthly payment from one parent to the other to ensure that the child's financial needs are met. The amount is based on the child support guidelines in Arizona.

How to determine gross income for child support

There are many costs associated with raising a child in Arizona. Parents have to put a roof over their heads, make sure they have food to eat, give them clothes to wear and many other costs. When the parents are together in a relationship they work together to ensure these costs are paid. It could mean that one parent works and the other stays at home with the children, or it could mean that both parents work in either a full or part-time basis.

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