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Navigating child support matters in Arizona

It is now much more common in Arizona for children to have parents who are no longer together. This could because the parents divorced or were never married in the first place. However, one thing that has always been true is that there are many expenses that parents must pay to support their children. This is true whether the parents are together or not. The difference is that when the parents are separated, there is generally a child support order to govern how the parents split the children's costs.

Modifying an out-of-state child support order in Arizona

After parents split up in Arizona, generally one parent will pay support to the other parent in order to ensure that the child’s financial needs are being met. However, parents are also free to move where they want to live or take jobs that require them to move. This does not alleviate their duty to pay child support though. It just means that the child support order governing them is issued in a different state than they currently live.

Attributing income to an unemployed parent for child support

The ability to earn money is an absolute essential for life for anyone in Arizona. After all everyone needs to buy food, clothing and shelter. However, while everyone in Arizona needs a source of money, the amount each person earns can vary dramatically. Some work more hours than others and some earn a higher hourly wage or salary as well. Others rely on other sources of money, such as government programs, in order to survive.

New efforts to get people to pay child support may be working

Raising children in Arizona can be expensive. Simply meeting their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter is not always easy. Parents have to provide for their child though. This is true even when parents are separated or divorced. Therefore, child support can be extremely important for a child. However, despite the importance, some people do not follow the court orders and do not pay their child support.

How does one modify a child support order in Arizona?

Parents in Arizona know that many aspects of their lives change over time. This is also true for their children. These changes affect the children both emotionally and financially and parents have to adjust to best handle these changes. This is true whether the parents are still together or whether they are divorced.

What happens when one does not pay child support?

Raising children in Arizona can cost a large sum of money. They have many basic needs like food, clothing and shelter as well as medical costs, extracurricular activities, recreation and entertainment needs and others. Parents are required to pay these costs whether they are together or not. Whether the parents are divorced or were never married, the law requires that the both parents contribute to the financial needs of the children which is why courts order parents to pay child support.

Determining a basic child support obligation using the guidelines

Parents have a duty to provide for their minor children. This does not necessarily mean they need to get them everything they want or even luxuries, but they do need to provide shelter, food and clothing at a minimum. Sometimes, if the couple is divorced, ensuring that the child's financial needs are met by both parents can become a little more difficult.

Adjusting a child support obligation to include child care costs

In many families in Arizona, both parents work in order to support the family. When there are young children, parents might need to have child care for the children. This usually costs money. If the parents divorce, it does not alleviate the need for child care. However, the basic child support obligation does not include money for child care costs.

Self-support reserve test and child support in Arizona

As parents in Arizona know, raising children can be very expensive. However, paying those expenses are vital for the child and extremely important. That is why courts order child support to be paid when parents split up or were never together. They want to ensure that the child's basic financial needs are being met by both parents, not just the custodial parent.

Travel expenses related to parenting time in Arizona

Many parents in Arizona have parenting time orders they must follow. These orders state when each parent has the children and when they must exchange the children with the other parent. Generally, if there is a parenting time order, there is also a child support order as well. The child support order states that the non-custodial parent must pay the custodial parent a certain amount of money each month for the expenses of raising a child.

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