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Navigating alimony in an Arizona divorce

There are many people who get divorced each year in Arizona. The issues they must confront typically include asset and debt division, child support, child custody and alimony or spousal maintenance as it is commonly called. Each of these can be complicated, but the law on some is more straightforward than others. For instance, there are guidelines to help determine the amount of child support, but for alimony there is a set of factors for a judge to consider.

How alimony is treated for tax purposes

Divorces in Arizona have slowly become much more common. Those who have gone through the process know that it can be difficult. Those who may be contemplating divorce have probably done research and spoken with friends and family so they know what to expect. However, each divorce is unique based on the particular facts of each relationship. What occurred in a friend or family member's divorce will not necessarily occur in every divorce.

Obtaining financial information for alimony payments in Arizona

In divorces in Arizona, there are generally two main categories of decisions that need to be made. One is decisions regarding the minor children. These generally include custody and visitation issues. The other main category is the financial decisions. Three main issues within this category are asset division, alimony and child support. Each of these decisions present certain challenges and can be very complicated depending on the circumstances of the marriage.

How alimony affects consumer credit reports in Arizona

Many people are divorced every year in Arizona. During the divorce, there are many issues that must be resolved. If the couple has minor children, then there will have to be a child custody and visitation arrangement. Child support will also likely be an issue. The couple will have to divide their assets and determine whether one spouse will pay the other alimony, or spousal maintenance, as it is commonly called.

Collecting alimony arrearages in Arizona

Alimony, or spousal maintenance as it is commonly called, is an important aspect of many divorces in Arizona. It also can be one of the most hotly contested aspects of a divorce. If one spouse does not work during a marriage, alimony can be necessary for them simply to meet monthly obligations after a divorce. However, the person who earned the money often times does not want to part with what they believe they have earned by themselves. Because of this dynamic, alimony decisions can be very complicated and contentious.

Agreements that alimony cannot be modified are valid in Arizona

Alimony, also called spousal maintenance, can be one of the most contentious issues in a divorce in Arizona. Alimony refers to financial support payments paid from one spouse to the other after a divorce. The alimony award can be permanent or temporary. It can also have contingencies placed on it or it may decrease over time. It is a very fact-specific issue in divorce and each alimony award is different.

Ex-Husband of Walmart heiress seeks $400,000 a month in alimony

There are many divorces in Arizona each year. Each one is unique given that the circumstances of each marriage are unique. Some divorces involve minor children and child custody and child support will need to be dealt with and others do not. Sometimes the couple may own real property and others will not; there are countless reasons why each Arizona divorce merits individualized attention.

Clint Eastwood's divorce is now official

Many fans in Arizona of the actor/director Clint Eastwood know that he and his wife Dina have been going through a divorce since 2013. Well the divorce has been finalized as the parties came to an agreement and filed it with the court. The couple has a teenage daughter and apparently the custody of her and alimony were two of the issues that caused the divorce to take as long as it did to finalize. Eastwood also is a very wealthy man and asset division may have also taken some time.

CEO of energy giant must pay nearly a billion in alimony

When people are divorced in Arizona, many are concerned about how much money they will have to pay to their ex-spouse. This could be in child support, alimony or property division. One of the more contentious issues involving money can be alimony or spousal maintenance. Understandably, some are reluctant to pay their former spouse due to lingering conflict from the divorce. Whatever their opinion, though, the law states that a person may need to pay their ex-spouse monthly alimony.

Modifying a spousal maintenance order in Arizona

There are many divorces in Arizona every year. There are general aspects that are similar in almost every one, but each one is unique. The general aspects include property division, child custody and child support and alimony, or spousal maintenance as it is commonly called. How each aspect is dealt with is what makes each divorce unique. However, no matter how each aspect was dealt with, at the end of the divorce each couple will end up with an order indicating what was determined about each aspect.

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