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How alimony can affect a person's consumer credit report

Every marriage in Arizona is unique. Some couples earn about the same amount of money, sometimes one earns more than the other, but they both contribute and sometimes one spouse earns all the income and the other does not work at all. However, regardless of who earns the money, in Arizona it may all be considered marital property.

Collecting spousal maintenance arrears in Arizona

When people in Arizona marry, they unite their lives and begin a life together. This means more than just living in the same house or having a joint bank account. Everything the couple earns during the marriage is oftentimes shared equally regardless of who actually earns the money. When a couple has young children, sometimes one parent will work and the other will stay home with the children. The couple simply relies on that one income since they share everything.

Can one modify an alimony order in Arizona?

Throughout one's life in Arizona circumstances can change dramatically. One may go through stretches when they are earning a significant amount of money and are in good health. However, if the company hits hard times or decides to make changes one may lose their job. Also, people may end up getting injured and not be able to work again. These types of changes can happen to anyone.

David Hasselhoff files documents with court to stop alimony

There are many people in Arizona who know David Hasselhoff from his time acting in shows such as Knight Rider and Baywatch. According to reports, David Hasselhoff is contemplating retiring from acting as he is getting a little older now. However, he also is currently ordered to pay his ex-wife $21,000 a month in alimony.

When alimony may automatically terminate

Each family handles their finances in different ways, especially if they have children. Whether each parent has to work or one parent will work, and the other will stay at home to take care of the family, is a decision for the family. Ultimately the parents need to provide food and shelter for their children, but how they do that depends on decisions made between the parents. When a couple divorces, they still need to figure out how they will provide for the needs of the family.

Using a premarital agreement to limit or eliminate alimony

When people are married in Arizona, it can be like they are entering into a contract. They are agreeing that they will share everything equally regardless of who earned the income or obtained the property. They are also agreeing to care for their children and provide for their needs together. Obviously this is not a written contract between the spouses, but Arizona law has written the contract for them.

How is Arizona alimony determined?

Each divorce in Arizona is unique. Everyone's situation is different, and therefore, how the divorce is handled and the end results will be different. However, there is one aspect that is common. The family will need to figure out how they will go from having one home and life to having two separate lives and homes. This can present economic difficulties as they try to figure out how to pay for two separate homes.

Receiving Arizona alimony through income withholding orders

Many people get divorced in Arizona each year. There are many complications that come with trying to covert a shared life into two separate lives. Each spouse is now going to have to have their own place to live, which means that housing costs could double from what they were during the marriage. Each spouse also has to figure out how they will pay for health insurance and other costs that were previously shared.

What are the requirements for seeking alimony in a divorce?

There are many divorces in Arizona each year and each divorce is unique. There are certain issues common in many divorces such as property division, child support, child custody, and alimony or spousal maintenance as it is commonly called. However, how each of these issues are dealt with depends on the unique circumstances of each marriage.

Actor Brian Austin Green seeking alimony from Megan Fox

As many people in Arizona are aware, there have been a number of celebrity divorces recently. Actors Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox were recently added to that list. A few weeks ago Green filed his response to the divorce filed by Fox. In the response, he requests joint custody of their children as well as alimony. Sources say that Green continues to be affected by vertigo stemming from a car accident that the two were involved in. The vertigo has made it difficult for him to work while Fox has continued to work on various acting projects.

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