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Former Suns player, Steve Nash, may face child support increase

Child support can sometimes seem complex but is based on a few important considerations, including the best interests of the child.

Obama calls for child support reform in Father's Day speech

On Father's Day, President Obama gave a speech suggesting that government and community organizations could do more to foster a strong bond between fathers and their children. Arizona parents, single fathers in particular, may be interested in the context in which the President raised the subject of child support.

NBA all-star stays away from children to avoid child support

Professional athletes trying to avoid paying their child support is nothing new. NBA star Steve Nash has gotten away so far without paying child support, and he may be willing to live far from his children to keep it that way. According to Steve Nash's ex-wife, the NBA all-star is against having his ex-wife and children move closer to him because he fears that the courts in his current state will require him to pay large child support payments.

Lakers star Steve Nash may have to pay child support

Arizona residents who are also basketball fans may be interested to learn about a battle that is heating up - this time not on the court, but in the courtroom. Lakers starter Steve Nash was embroiled in a nasty divorce and is now involved in an equally distressing fight over child support. His ex-wife Alejandra Nash contends that he should pay child support for their eight-year-old twins and two-year-old son. The courts, thus far, have held a different opinion.

Man wins Powerball and settles child support debt

Arizona residents may be interested to hear the story of one man who hit it big recently -- winning a Powerball jackpot of $338 million. When he won the lottery, the man was in arrears for his child support for close to $30,000. After winning, he has settled his child support debts. The man in this case has five children, three of whom will be coming to live with him now that he has the means to be able to provide for them.

Financial help on the horizon for custodial grandparents

Child custody decisions in the state of Arizona are supposed to be made with the best interests of a child as the primary consideration. Custody may sometimes be awarded to a child's grandparents, especially when foster care may be the alternative under consideration. When no parent is in the picture, however, meeting the child's needs through the normal child support process may be difficult. For custodial grandparents, help with finances may be on the way thanks to new legislation.

Sperm donor compelled to pay child support

Parents must often pay child support when their children do not live with them. The justification for this is simple: Parents have a duty to support their children financially. Readers in Mesa, Arizona, may have heard about a recent case in which a sperm donor has been ordered to pay child support, testing the scope of who may be required to support children in such situations.

Singer's payment amounts show cost of high-asset divorce

The emotional cost of a divorce is often spoken of, but the ongoing financial cost of a high-asset divorce is typically shrouded in the secrecy of negotiated settlement arrangements. The recent release of parts of the divorce settlement of Grammy-winning musician Marc Anthony sheds a little light on the subject though, showing just how expensive divorce can be.

Taxpayers pick up the tab for delinquent child support accounts

After a child support agreement or order is in place, there unfortunately is no guarantee that the paying parent will follow through and make support payments on time. The reasons for becoming delinquent on child support payments vary and they can be legitimate. Sometimes the cause is the loss of a job or a decrease in salary; in other cases, a blatant disregard for the court order may be the problem.

15 arrested in roundup for failure to pay child support

There are many aspects to consider when establishing child support payments, including the everyday expenses of raising a child, extracurricular expenses and the financial needs of all parties involved. It is important for those ordered to pay child support to stay current, as failure to pay child support can carry serious penalties.

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