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Why did generals Petraeus and Allen intervene in custody case?

When an Arizona parent is involved in a contentious child custody case, it is sometimes helpful to have the testimonies of outside parties who are familiar with the family. This is especially true if the party in question is someone of high moral standing. This type of testimony is not the primary decider of child custody cases, which are always judged by the standard of the child's best interest. However, it can be helpful to have character witnesses, especially if one parent's behavior is a factor.

In Arizona, stepparenting is a mixture of challenges and riches

Everyone is aware of the legal issues related to a divorce. All Arizona residents who are considering divorce or going through one should be aware of the legal options available to them throughout the process.

Good gifts to provide children of divorced parents

A frequent theme in this Phoenix divorce blog is what will happen to children during and after the split. This is a very common concern among divorcing parents. Many parents struggle with major issues of guilt during and after divorce because they feel they have let their children down. In fact, some couples even stay together much too long to avoid feeling this guilt.

Parents can divvy up holidays, special dates, in custody plans

Here in the Phoenix area, when parents choose to share custody of their children, they may often come across parenting disagreements. Where will the children spend holidays? Will they be brought up in any certain religion? Where will the children go to school? If private schools are selected, who will pay for this?

Panel seeks to improve child custody rights of military members

Arizona military servicemen and women may be aware that a national legal panel is currently working to simplify the child custody laws that apply to military parents. On Wednesday, the Uniform Law Commission met to give approval to a set of codes that it would like state legislatures to adopt in order to standardize the custody rights of parents who are on military deployments.

How to Handle not Having Your Kids for the Weekend(previously known as the Top Ten Things To Do Every Other Weekend)

So, it's your weekend "off" from the kids in your home and your ex has them. What do you mean "off", you might ask us. All you can do is think about the kids, are they having fun? Is your ex undoing all the discipline and structure provided in your home? Do they miss you? Why aren't they with you?

Facebook evidence carries weight in child custody, alimony cases

Arizona residents who are going through a child custody or divorce dispute should be aware that anything they post on Facebook during this time could come up during legal proceedings. In fact, according to a recent survey performed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, more than 80 percent of divorce attorneys have said more and more cases have involved social networking evidence in the past six years.

Divorce and taxes: How child custody affects tax breaks

Divorce and child custody issues have many effects on both federal and Arizona state tax returns. The intersection of tax law and family law is quite complicated, and most people are best served by discussing these matters with their tax accountant or family law attorney. Nonetheless, there are several general tax issues that affect most divorced parents.

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