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Mediation may help Arizona residents with child custody issues

During a the divorce process for any couple in Arizona, child custody disputes, visitation rights and child support issues can sometimes strain the process. Couples that have an amicable divorce process, as well as those who do not, can sometimes find themselves in a different position later on. Often, this can lead to litigation, but an alternative exists. Mediation can, in many situations, help the parties work towards a shared middle ground and maintain civility in the process. This, of course, benefits any children involved and will serve the best interests of the children.

Money arguments are best predictor of divorce

Arizona residents who are involved in a divorce may be interested to learn that researchers are reporting that arguing about money early in the relationship is the top predictor of divorce. The study indicated that the top predictor of divorce has nothing to do with sex, children or in-laws, but is simply about money.

Father attends child custody hearing in Nazi uniform

Arizona residents who are involved in a child custody dispute are probably aware that certain behavior can affect the outcome of court hearings. A New Jersey man, who came to the courthouse dressed in a full Nazi uniform, may not. The man is a 40-year-old father who was attending a hearing to ask for visitation rights to his youngest child. The child had been taken into custody just hours after his birth. The father of four named his oldest child after Adolf Hitler and his three other children have Nazi related names. According to an appellate court ruling, the children had been removed from the home due to evidence of domestic violence.

Arizona grandparents raising grandkids may get help from new bill

While many grandparents do not envision themselves taking another crack at parenthood, for some Arizona residents that is exactly what happens. Grandparents who are raising their grandchildren in Arizona may be interested to learn of a bill that is making its way through the Arizona legislature. If it becomes law, this proposed bill will have a definite effect on child custody for grandparents in the state.

Arizona Senate bill: Divorced parents must get 'OK' to move

The Arizona Senate passed a bill recently dealing with parental relocation that is now being sent to the House for consideration. Although this proposed change is not law yet, it is something of which Arizona residents who are dealing with child custody matters should be aware, because it is possible that it may indeed become law.

Transgender Arizona man involved in bitter custody dispute

A divorce often involves contentious issues, especially when a couple has children. A custody dispute can become particularly complex when additional factors, such as a sex change operation, need to be taken into consideration. One recent child custody case in Arizona shows clearly how medical technology can outpace the law.

Classes for divorced parents offered in Arizona

Even when not contentious, a divorce can be a struggle for everyone involved. Child custody is a major decision, and those involved must keep in mind the best interests of the child, how to determine the visitation rights and their legal rights to custody. Those in Mesa, Arizona, may be interested in a recent article about classes that aim to help parents after a divorce. The proponents of the classes, developed by Arizona State University researchers, believe the program can substantially reduce the behavioral problems associated with children who have divorced parents. It can also reportedly help reduce mental health disorders and substance abuse issues.

Mesa couple arrested for alleged child custody fraud

Most people consider their children to be their most precious assets, which often causes a custody dispute to become acrimonious. Visitation rights are one of the difficult issues to resolve in these disputes. A child custody mediation service in Mesa is currently the target of an investigation for improperly supervising child visitations.

Why did generals Petraeus and Allen intervene in custody case?

When an Arizona parent is involved in a contentious child custody case, it is sometimes helpful to have the testimonies of outside parties who are familiar with the family. This is especially true if the party in question is someone of high moral standing. This type of testimony is not the primary decider of child custody cases, which are always judged by the standard of the child's best interest. However, it can be helpful to have character witnesses, especially if one parent's behavior is a factor.

In Arizona, stepparenting is a mixture of challenges and riches

Everyone is aware of the legal issues related to a divorce. All Arizona residents who are considering divorce or going through one should be aware of the legal options available to them throughout the process.

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