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How does one start a child custody proceeding in Arizona?

Many child custody orders in Arizona start during a divorce as a married couple decides how to parent their child separately. However, there are many parents who were never married to the other parent of their child. Parents in this position also have a right to petition for child custody, but the process is a little different than for couples going through a divorce.

How domestic violence affects child custody in Arizona

There are many victims of domestic violence in Arizona. In some situations the victim is an adult or a child, but in other situations, both the adult and the child are abused. While it is very important for a person to leave an abusive marriage, in order to leave it completely, the victim must go through the divorce process just like any one else.

Temporary child custody orders in Arizona

Many people in Arizona have gone through a divorce with children, or a custody proceeding. As these people know, the whole process, from start to finish, can take a long time to complete. While the parents are going through the process, they generally are living in separate residences. This means that the children will be residing with only one parent at a time. Many times the parents cannot come to an agreement on a parenting schedule or who will be making the decisions.

How does one modify a child custody order?

As children in Arizona grow up, many circumstances can change in their life as well as the lives of their parents. If the parents are together, these changes are generally dealt with by the parents together. However, there are many parents who are no longer together and have custody orders regarding legal-decision making and parenting time. When the changes occur in these types of situations, it can be a little more difficult to deal with depending on what the order states and the parent's relationship with one another.

Protecting parental rights in child custody disputes

When parents in Arizona decide to end their relationship, one of the most important issues is child custody and visitation. This issue is relevant whether the parents were married or not. At the end of the relationship, both parents are still the child's parents and will continue to be so for the child's entire life. Thus, which parent will have child custody can be a very contentious issue between them.

Uma Thurman's ex attempting to gain custody of their child

Arizona fans of Uma Thurman may be interested to learn that the actress' ex is seeking custody of their daughter who is two years old. The couple has been engaged on two separate occasions, but were never married. Her ex lives in London, but recently filed his case in New York where Thurman lives. A representative for Thurman indicated that she is hopeful that they will be able to work out an agreement on child custody and visitation.

How is sole or joint custody determined in Arizona?

There are many happy marriages in Arizona and there are also many unhappy ones. Many of the unhappy ones end in divorce. This can be a very emotional time for the people involved. When the couple has minor children it can be even more emotional as the divorce will have a major effect on their lives as well. Despite the high emotions, child custody and parenting time decisions must be made in these divorces.

Determining the best interests of the child in Arizona

Many parents in Arizona have dealt with child custody issues. These can arise any time parents get divorced and have minor children or in situations where the parents were never married to each other. Child custody decisions can be very difficult and emotional for the parents. Many times each parent wants to have a meaningful relationship with their children and wants as much time as possible with them. Ultimately the decision is not based on what the parents want though and is instead based on the best interests of the children.

Link found between divorce and social network use

Marriage and divorce are both common events in Arizona. Divorce generally occurs when one or both spouses become unhappy with the other. The reasons why a person may become unhappy can vary quite a bit. Sometimes one spouse cheats on the other, sometimes there are alcohol or drug problems, domestic abuse or just because people change over time and no longer feel in love. Whatever the reason, there are a number of issues that must be resolved during the divorce from child custody to asset division.

Couple ends custody battle after one child disappeared years ago

Many people in Arizona get divorced with children or have a child with a person they are not married to at the time. In either situation the couple will have to determine who will have custody of the child. Child custody determinations can be very difficult especially when both parents want what they believe is best for the child, but do not believe the other parent can provide it for them. In addition to the custody determination, parents also must decide on parenting time, which can raise a whole new set of issues.

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