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Presumption against child custody after domestic abuse occurs

Throughout any marriage in Arizona couples will have fights and disagreements over things. It is an inevitable part of relationships. Those arguments are handled in different ways depending on the relationship. Most of the time the arguments are verbal, but sometimes the arguments turn physical and domestic violence occurs. This violence also sometimes involves the children as well.

Circumstances when one can modify child custody orders in Arizona

When parents in Arizona get divorced, they will have to reach an agreement regarding the needs of their children and the rights of each parent post-divorce. A child custody order determines whether one parent or both parents will be making the decisions regarding the child's upbringing. The orders will also determine the primary residence of the child and when each parent will have parenting time with the child.

Mediation may help parents address child custody matters

When parents in Arizona live together, deciding how they will divide their parental responsibilities every day may be simple. However, when parents divorce, deciding how their parental responsibilities will be split can be difficult. Despite the difficulties, parents still need to make these decisions, and they are generally done through a child custody proceeding.

Helping parents maintain relationships with a child after divorce

Divorce is not an easy time for many couples in Arizona. Splitting one life into two is not an easy task. It can be even more difficult when the couple does not get along. People are often emotional and many of their decisions are made with less reason than decisions of this magnitude are normally made. One of the tougher decisions, due to the emotional factors, is custody decisions regarding the couple's children.

Madonna in a child custody battle with her ex-husband

There many parents who are divorced in Arizona. For the most part when the parties split they will have a child custody arrangement. The child custody arrangement will determine who will make the decisions regarding the child's upbringing as well as when each parent will have the child in their care. However, children change as the get older, and the custody arrangement made when they are young may no longer be viable as they grow.

Factors used to determine the best interests of a child

Many parents in Arizona are no longer together. This could be because the couple divorced or because they were never married in the first place. No matter what the circumstances are, parents who are separated need to figure out how to co-parent their children. In many circumstances this is difficult because the parents do not get along anymore and making decisions can be difficult.

Relocating a child when the parents have joint legal custody

When parents in Arizona are not married, many times there is a child custody order. When that order was issued depends on the specifics of the parent's relationship. If they were married at the time they had the child, then the child custody order was made as part of a divorce. If the parents were not married, however, then it was most likely established through a custody proceeding initiated by the father.

Third party child custody rights in Arizona

There are many family dynamics in Arizona. Some have single family homes or have remarried and blended two families together. Other children are raised by someone other than the natural parents. This could be temporary or permanent. However, just because someone else is raising a child, it does not mean that they have child custody rights.

Child custody for surrogate parents in Arizona

Family dynamics are changing in Arizona. The traditional family is not the only type of family anymore. Some families are blended when two divorced spouses marry, sometimes parents adopt their children, some families are same sex families, others will decide to use surrogates in order to have children and there are other types of family makeups as well. Each type of family dynamic creates a family, but each has its own legal implications associated with it though.

The role of parenting plans in Arizona child custody cases

Parenting a child in Arizona can be very difficult. It can be even more difficult if the parents are no longer together and do not always agree as to what is best for the child. That is partly why there are child custody orders when parents are no longer together. Child custody orders determine whether one parent or both parents should be making the decisions regarding the child. Child custody cases also make determinations as to when each parent will have parenting time with the child, which includes schedules for holidays and school vacations.

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