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What should parenting plans in Arizona include?

Sometimes, despite all of the disagreements that lead to their decision to divorce, parents in Arizona can work together well enough to agree to a parenting plan out of court. However, there are other times when the child's parents have differing views on child custody and cannot agree to a parenting plan.

Can a parent move with a child out-of-state after a divorce?

People move out of Arizona for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they're the recipients of a job offer that's too good to pass up, perhaps they want to be closer to family, or perhaps they just need a change of pace. Whatever the reason, if the person who wishes to move is a parent and divorced, moving out-of-state involves more than simply packing up the moving van and hitting the road.

Grandparent visitation rights in Arizona

Each family in Arizona is unique. Sometimes a child's parents are married and the family resides together. Other times one's parents were never married and do not reside together. Such parents may also be divorced or, in some instances, one parent has died. Another aspect of families is their contact with extended family. Some children have very strong relationships with their grandparents or other extended family members. These relationships can be important to maintain, even if the parents are no longer together.

Can a registered sex offender have custody of a child?

Parents in Arizona have different parenting styles. Parents also punish their children in different ways depending on what they find to be the most effective method. However, what all parents want to do is protect their children from harm and potentially harmful people. One major concern for some Arizonans is protecting children from registered sex offenders. This issue may cause concern if the sex offender is the child's parent.

Consequences for violating a parenting time plan in Arizona

Children have different relationships with each of their parents. However, this does not necessarily mean that one parent's relationship with the child is more important than the other. When the parents are together, it can be much easier to facilitate and nurture each relationship. However, if parents divorce, it can be much more difficult for their children to maintain relationships with both parents.

Temporary child custody orders during a divorce in Arizona

Raising children in Arizona can be very difficult. While a couple is married, they generally can share in the responsibilities, and the children often have the ability to build relationships with both parents. If the couple splits or is divorced, and the children have a good relationship with both, ensuring that both parents have the opportunity to continue the relationship is important. On the other hand, if one parent endangers the children, it is important that he or she have only limited contact with them.

Determining whether parents should have sole or joint custody

While children are minors, parents in Arizona are responsible for providing for the child. This not only includes providing for their food, clothing and shelter, but also making certain decisions for the children. Parents must decide where the children will go to school, make calls about medical treatment, make religious decisions and others. While parents are together, they make many of these decisions together, but if the parents divorce or separate, making these decisions can become more difficult.

How to start a child custody proceeding in Arizona

Children born out of wedlock is a common occurrence in Arizona. Sometimes, the parents will still live together and be in a committed relationship. They most likely will also share in raising their children together. However, this is normally not the case, and many parents in this type of situation live separately. This does not make them any less of parents to the children, but it does change the legal rights the parents have to the children.

How investigations may be useful for child custody decisions

There are many different ways that parents in Arizona raise their children. While there are certain things that every parent would agree is not a proper way of parenting, many other aspects of raising a child are up to the parent who knows the child best. Certain tactics will work for one child, but may not work for another. So, parents may have to adapt in order to do what is best for the child.

A parent's substance use may have an effect on child custody

There are many ways that people in Arizona cope with different problems or situations going on in their lives. One way that people do this is through various chemical substances, such as alcohol or various drugs. Some of these chemical substances are also very addictive and can be abused by people. When a person abuses chemical substances, it can have many detrimental effects on their life, including whether they can have custody of their children.

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