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Establishing house rules for children after a divorce

Children of parents in Phoenix who are going through a divorce have a lot to adjust to, and part of what they must come to terms with if their parents share custody is having two homes - one with one parent, one with the other. While each parent wants to see that their child is happy and thriving, they each might have different ideas about how to accomplish that. Therefore, it sometimes happens that the rules at one parent's house are not the same as the rules at the other parent's house.

Helping you develop a workable child custody plan

No family is perfect. While some Arizona parents can deal with the natural ups and downs of a marriage, this is not always the case when disputes get hostile and frequent. In these matters, it is often best for everyone involved to end the marriage. While it is no easy feat to initiate a divorce, it can be the best decision for spouses and even their children.

Nesting child custody agreements

Divorce may be a particularly difficult time for children in Arizona. Spending time at two homes and having two separate bedrooms or belongings sometimes adds to the child's trauma. New child custody arrangements, however, have allowed the children to remain in the family home, because their parents take turns moving in and out.

State courts conflicted on same-sex parents

Arizona child custody disputes are often complex and may be more difficult when they involve the rights of same-sex couples. State courts are reviewing an Arizona law granting parental rights to a male father and presuming that the male was the biological parent if the couple was married with 10 months of the child's birth.

Arizona Supreme Court reviews rights same-sex parental rights

The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling validating same-sex marriages did not resolve many family law issues such as child custody. The Arizona Supreme Court, for example, recently heard arguments over whether a gay woman undergoing divorce has the same parenthood rights as a man when the child was born during the couple's marriage.

'Virtual visitation' may augment a child custody order

Technology has grown at an outstanding rate over the past decade or so. These days, people in Arizona send emails, chat on Skype, post on Facebook and have their cellphones on them wherever they go so they can make a phone call or send a text whenever they need to. These advances in technology affect nearly every aspect of our lives, including child custody and visitation.

'Birds nesting' -- a viable alternative for child custody?

In general, it is assumed that when a couple with children in Phoenix divorces, each parent will live apart, leaving the child with two homes. For some, this means one parent has primary custody and the child will live with them. The other parent has visitation rights, in which the child will spend some time in that parent's home, for example, every other weekend. For others, this means that the parents share joint custody and the child resides approximately half of his or her time in one parent's home or the other's.

Studies show shared parenting may benefit children post-divorce

These days it may seem like it is the norm for both mothers and fathers in Phoenix to share custody of their child post-divorce and for fathers to enjoy a certain amount of overnight time with their child. However, this was not always the case.

State Supreme Court to hear same-sex child custody case

As more same-sex couples in Arizona marry and have children, new issues arise should they later divorce. One such issue has made it all the way to the Arizona Supreme Court. The court will hear a case that will determine whether a woman's wife will have the same child custody rights she would have if she were male.

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