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Beloved art collection complicates division of assets in divorce

Any divorce in the Queen Creek or Gilbert area requires the division of property. When couples have a high income or net worth, the division of property and assets tends to involve many complicated issues. In these cases, a more in-depth analysis and the expertise of property division professionals is often necessary.

Is your ex hiding assets?

When couples with fairly significant assets decide to divorce in Arizona, attorneys who specialize in high asset divorce will sometimes choose to enlist the help of forensic accountants. These financial specialists are professionals who are trained to find financial issues or wrongdoings that may affect a divorce settlement. By working with such professionals, high asset divorce attorneys hope to ensure that a divorce settlement is as fair and equitable as possible.

Are high income Arizona residents better off after divorce?

Here in the East Valley, many people who are preparing for a divorce are worried about their finances taking a hit. They are anxious about losing money in the divorce settlement and legal fees, as well as the financial implications of shifting into a single-income household. However, a new study suggests that many of these fears are unfounded.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette file divorce docs, sans lawyers

Last week in our Phoenix Divorce Law Blog, we discussed the lessons that can be learned from celebrity divorces. Since then, actress Courteney Cox of "Friends" fame and her husband, actor David Arquette, have filed for divorce. The two reportedly filed their divorce petitions themselves, and there is no indication that they will seek legal counsel.

What you can learn from celebrity divorces

The celebrity divorce du jour is that of Debra Messing, star of the sitcom "Will and Grace." The actress reportedly filed for divorce Tuesday, making headlines all over the country. Here in the Phoenix area, it is pretty hard to stay away from the divorce tales of the rich and famous. From Heidi Klum and Seal, to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries to Guy Ritchie and Madonna--whether you follow the work of these stars, you likely know a bit about their relationship troubles.

Baby boomers should protect assets during divorce

Ending a marriage in Arizona can be an exhausting experience, both emotionally and financially. The financial piece is often more complicated in longer marriages, or when one or both spouses is approaching retirement. This is becoming an issue for many people as one in four divorces are among baby boomers.

Do Mark Zuckerberg and new bride have a pre-nuptial agreement?

While many financial analysts are busy questioning whether Facebook's initial public offering last week was a good business decision, most are in agreement that company founder Mark Zuckerberg's wedding the very next day was an interesting move.

How will divorce affect your medical insurance?

Married couples generally share many things. In fact, marriage allows couples to benefit from sharing financial and legal assets and policies. Arizona residents who have been married for a longer length of time certainly grow accustomed to these things--such as using their spouses' health insurance.

New technology inspires James Bond style divorce

If you think your spouse has been lying to you, you may have considered how to uncover the truth. Now new gadgets and devices are giving suspect spouses new opportunities and affordable "spy toys" for use before, during, and even after divorce. Spying technology that was once a high-cost endeavor for government agencies and private investigators is now easier, accessible, and more affordable in Arizona and nationwide.

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn's divorce causes tax woes

Many Arizona residents are familiar with the great success of skier Lindsey Vonn. Vonn is a World Cup and Olympic champion skier. Unfortunately, she has been getting more press lately for her high-asset divorce troubles than for her athletic triumphs. The latest news is that the settlement proceedings somehow caused a tax complication that resulted in a $1.7 million lien.

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