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Racecar driver Danica Patrick files for divorce

Divorce is never an easy process. When one of the parties is a celebrity, the process can be even more difficult due to the publicity involved. This may be why celebrities may choose to keep their private lives, including information about a divorce, as confidential as possible, as evidenced by racecar driver Danica Patrick.

Ashton Kutcher files divorce papers

When a couple cannot make a marriage work, divorce is sometimes the best option. Couples often realize they have irreconcilable differences, especially when infidelity is involved. These problems can be exacerbated in high-asset divorce cases.

Arizona divorce filings may spike after New Year's Day

Many Arizona residents may be thinking about their New Year's resolutions as 2012 winds down. Losing weight, being more organized and keeping a better attitude are probably some common ones, however there is another common resolution that might not be as well known. Many people actually make resolutions to end their marriages at the beginning of a new year.

The parents of Jessica Simpson file for divorce

Divorce can be long legal battle with many factors and much at stake. When it comes to a high-asset divorce, the stakes are even higher. That may just be the case for one Hollywood couple who claim their decision to divorce is amicable, but press reports indicate the split may end up being rather contentious.

More long-term marriages ending in divorce

Older people in long-term marriages often face more difficulties than their younger counterparts when getting divorced. However, marriages that fall into this category are ending in divorce more regularly, according to a recent report. Everyone who is facing a divorce, however, should be aware of their legal rights such as alimony and issues regarding their children.

NASCAR CEO wants high net-worth divorce sealed

Arizona residents who are going through a divorce often find themselves in family court, dealing with contentious issues concerning everything from asset division to child custody. It is important that people are aware that much of the information relating to divorce proceedings is considered a matter of public record and can be accessed by anyone desiring to do so.

McCourt divorce: in settlement, Frank got 90 percent of assets

Arizona Baseball fans and non-baseball fans alike may have heard about Major League Baseball's arguably most famous divorce story. The dramatic divorce of the former owners of the Dodgers, Frank and Jamie McCourt, was highly-publicized before the two finally reached a settlement this time last year. The high-asset divorce was very complicated because of complex assets and the Dodgers' bankruptcy filing among other things, and now the McCourts are headed back to family law court.

The 12-year divorce

When Arizona residents begin divorce proceedings, they often wonder how long it takes to have the whole thing settled, finalized and put behind them. The answer to this question varies greatly depending on the parties involved, their priorities, disputes and interests. In a divorce with simple assets and a willingness to work together to resolve issues, things can move pretty quickly. In a high-asset divorce, or a divorce involving more complicated property and children, as well as hotly-contested issues, it can take much longer to resolve everything. The timeline, for the most part, is in the hands of the parties who are divorcing each other.

Woman sues her ex and his lawyer for spying on her during divorce

Early this spring we discussed an uptick in the use of home spying technology. Various "spy toys"--like teddy-bear cameras, coat button lenses and other gadgets-- are being sold to people here in Arizona and elsewhere to use to spy on their spouses.

Will your Arizona divorce tarnish your credit score?

When Gilbert area residents decide to divorce, they are often concerned about how the split will affect their financial security. Much of this can be addressed in conversations with family law attorneys--from child and spousal support, to the division of assets and the future of joint property and retirement accounts.

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