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How can paternity be established in Arizona?

Establishing paternity in Arizona is important for a variety of reasons. First of all, once paternity is established, the child's mother will be able to collect child support from the child's father, which could be vitally important to providing the child with the quality of life needed to grow and thrive. Moreover, a man who has been legally determined to be the child's father can seek visitation rights so he can develop a meaningful relationship with the child. Finally, knowing who his or her father is can provide a child with emotional security, as well as a sense of family history, which could be especially important with regards to his or her family's health history.

Child support may cover more than just the basic necessities

What does it take financially to raise a child in Arizona? Of course, a child must be provided the proper food, clothing and shelter needed to survive, but a well-rounded childhood involves so much more. It entails having an appropriate education, receiving quality medical care, participating in sports, hobbies and other interests and so much more. Therefore, when a person is required to pay child support, they are providing the child with more than just the child's basic needs.

What should parenting plans in Arizona include?

Sometimes, despite all of the disagreements that lead to their decision to divorce, parents in Arizona can work together well enough to agree to a parenting plan out of court. However, there are other times when the child's parents have differing views on child custody and cannot agree to a parenting plan.

Are there any alternatives to monthly spousal support payments?

There are several financial aspects of divorce, some of which can be quite contentious. One of these aspects is alimony, that is, spousal support payments made to the lower-earning spouse from the higher-earning spouse. These payments are often made on a monthly basis. However, either spouse may be or become unhappy with their spousal support arrangements. Having to pay spousal support each month keeps the spouses tethered together, even after their marriage has ended.

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