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Paternity through DNA testing is easier than you think

For a good portion of the 20th century, paternity testing was considered an inexact science, both in Arizona, and throughout the country. We could determine when a male was not the father of a child by comparing different combinations of blood types between the child and the father, but could not accurately determine if a man was the father of a child once he was 'ruled in.'. As they tend to do, however, technologies advanced, and we are now able to determine a father's identity with about 95 percent confidence.

The reason is that biological technology has flourished, including the usage of DNA testing to determine the parent of a child. Deoxyribonucleic Acid, or DNA, is unique to every person in the world, with the exception of identical twins, who share the exact same DNA.

The mother and the father of a child each contribute to a child's DNA. Therefore, if DNA patterns between a man and a child do not match on two or more DNA probes, than the man can be successfully ruled out as the father. If many of the probes match, the likelihood of him being the father can rise, in some cases, to a 99.9 percent accuracy.

The testing itself is now also easier than ever, and often can be done using a simple Buccal scrap sample which is done by collecting cells from a male's inner cheek. This is then compared with the child's cells which can be extracted even before birth through an umbilical cord specimen.

Considering the importance of keeping the child's best interest in mind during all phases of the child's upbringing, establishing paternity is vitally important. There are many benefits to all parties: child, mother, and father, when the child's father is established, and with today's ease of paternity testing, there is no reason why Arizona parents should not reach out if there is any doubt as to a child's father.

Source: findlaw.com, "Paternity Tests: Blood Tests and DNA," Accessed Mar. 14, 2017

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