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Arizona counties working with people with child support arrears

Having a child in Arizona can be a very exciting time for parents. In addition to the excitement, there is also a lot of responsibility that comes with having a child. Parents have to raise the children, which means not only loving them and setting rules, but also providing for them financially. Parents must provide food, shelter and clothes as basics, but also need to provide for medical needs, extracurricular activities and many of parts of a child's life.

Determining whether parents should have sole or joint custody

While children are minors, parents in Arizona are responsible for providing for the child. This not only includes providing for their food, clothing and shelter, but also making certain decisions for the children. Parents must decide where the children will go to school, make calls about medical treatment, make religious decisions and others. While parents are together, they make many of these decisions together, but if the parents divorce or separate, making these decisions can become more difficult.

Tax implications for paying and receiving alimony

When couples are married in Arizona, they generally have one life and they pay for the costs of that life together. Sometimes, this means that one spouse will work and earn the money, while the other stays at home with the children. Other times, both spouses earn income and provide to the financial resources of the family. This could be that both earn the same amount or many other different percentages of the overall income.

Brad Pitt focused on his children during the divorce process

Many people in Arizona are probably aware of the fact that actress, Angelina Jolie, recently filed for divorce from her husband, Brad Pitt. The divorce got ugly quickly, with Jolie accusing Pitt of abusing one of their children. Apparently, Pitt was crushed by the divorce, but has been focusing on his children and will do what he needs to do to see them. The couple did agree to joint physical custody temporarily, but the children will be staying with Jolie. Pitt has agreed to do drug testing and go to therapy with the children.

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