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Helping fathers protect their relationship with their children

There are many fathers in Arizona. Some fathers are still in a relationship with the mother of the children. However, many others are either divorced or never married the mother of their children. Many fathers in this situation still want to have a good relationship with their children, though. It can be more difficult since they are no longer living with the children. They may also feel like they are fighting an uphill battle to see their children.

How child support changes when one child is emancipated

There are many people who have children in Arizona who are no longer with the other parent. In these cases, generally, the non-custodial parent will end up paying child support to the other parent. This is a monthly payment from one parent to the other to ensure that the child's financial needs are met. The amount is based on the child support guidelines in Arizona.

Disclosing financial assets in a high asset divorce

A divorce is generally not an easy process for people in Arizona. Trying to separate a life that was lived as one into two separate lives can be very complicated. Also, while a couple is dividing many aspects of their lives, many times they are not happy with the other one and emotions can affect the decision making process. However, despite the complications and difficulties couples must do this during the divorce.

How investigations may be useful for child custody decisions

There are many different ways that parents in Arizona raise their children. While there are certain things that every parent would agree is not a proper way of parenting, many other aspects of raising a child are up to the parent who knows the child best. Certain tactics will work for one child, but may not work for another. So, parents may have to adapt in order to do what is best for the child.

How alimony can affect a person's consumer credit report

Every marriage in Arizona is unique. Some couples earn about the same amount of money, sometimes one earns more than the other, but they both contribute and sometimes one spouse earns all the income and the other does not work at all. However, regardless of who earns the money, in Arizona it may all be considered marital property.

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