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Fathers with more parenting time reduce child support

There are many fathers in Arizona who have children but are no longer with the mother of the children. In these situations, the father may have felt like they were fighting an uphill battle during the custody and child support determinations. This is because there is sometimes an assumption that the mother should have more parenting time and should receive child support from the father of the child.

However, there is no rule stating that, and the father has the same rights as the mother to care for the children. These are fact specific cases and there is no presumption one way or the other. Custody determinations are made after analyzing a number of factors to determine what is in the best interests of the children.

Child support, on the other hand, is determined by the child support guidelines, which have more rigid rules than custody determinations. The amount of child support is based on the parents' respective incomes and how many children the couple has together. However, there are many other factors as well. One of these factors is how much parenting time each parent has with the children.

Parenting time is determined by the number of days in a calendar year that each parent has the children in their care. The father, if they are the ones paying child support, will get a deduction on their child support depending on how many days the children are in his care.

For instance if the father has the children from 4 - 20 days during the year, they will receive a 1.2 percent reduction in the child support obligation. If they have them between 173 - 182 days, the obligation will be reduced by 48.6 percent. In between those ranges there are 10 other ranges and the father will receive an increasing deduction the more parenting time they have with the children.

Many fathers in Arizona want to spend as much time as possible with their children and are just as fit to care for their children as the mother. Also, the more time that fathers get to spend with their children, the less child support they should have to pay. Experienced attorneys understand fathers' rights and may be able to help protect them.

Source: Arizona Supreme Court, "Arizona Child Support Guidelines" accessed on May 31, 2016

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