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Clint Eastwood's divorce is now official

Many fans in Arizona of the actor/director Clint Eastwood know that he and his wife Dina have been going through a divorce since 2013. Well the divorce has been finalized as the parties came to an agreement and filed it with the court. The couple has a teenage daughter and apparently the custody of her and alimony were two of the issues that caused the divorce to take as long as it did to finalize. Eastwood also is a very wealthy man and asset division may have also taken some time.

There are many issues that must be resolved in any divorce in Arizona. Just like Eastwood's divorce, couples will have to make decisions regarding custody of the children, child support, asset division and alimony, or spousal support as it is commonly called. Every divorce is different though and each of those issues are handled differently depending on circumstances of the particular marriage.

For instance there will not be alimony paid by one spouse to the other in every divorce. Alimony is generally paid in situations where one spouse makes significantly more than the other spouse. The idea is that each spouse contributed to the lifestyle during the marriage and therefore each spouse should be able to enjoy a similar lifestyle after the marriage.

It is determined by analyzing a number of factors. These include the length of the marriage; the age and ability of the spouse needing support to work; the time it will take for the spouse to find meaningful employment; if a spouse made financial sacrifices to care for the children or further the other spouse's career; the spouse paying support's ability to pay alimony and others. After analyzing the relevant factors, the amount and length of alimony is determined.

Many people go through divorce every year in Arizona. Alimony will be an issue in some of these divorces. As alimony is based on a number of factors as opposed to a fixed formula, it can be a complicated aspect of the divorce. Experienced attorneys understand alimony though and may be a useful resource as one goes through a divorce.

Source: Mstars News, "Clint Eastwood & wife Dina celebrity divorce - Actor & 'Mrs. Eastwood & Compnay' star break up", Mitch Thorpe, December 24, 2014

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