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Are there any alternatives to monthly spousal support payments?

There are several financial aspects of divorce, some of which can be quite contentious. One of these aspects is alimony, that is, spousal support payments made to the lower-earning spouse from the higher-earning spouse. These payments are often made on a monthly basis. However, either spouse may be or become unhappy with their spousal support arrangements. Having to pay spousal support each month keeps the spouses tethered together, even after their marriage has ended.

Gathering financial information for spouse who owes alimony

A divorce in Arizona can be a very complicated proceeding. There are many issues that must be resolved during a time when emotions often run high. Making matters worse, compromise is not always at the forefront of everyone's mind. Despite this, a divorcing couple still needs to separate the life they shared while they were married. When dissolving a marriage, one spouse may realize that they do not earn enough money on their own to meet their needs. This may prompt them to seek alimony.

Registering an alimony order from another state in Arizona

There are a number of issues that must be addressed when a couple separates their life via divorce. They need to divide assets, determine which parent will have custody, figure out parenting time for each parent, have child support addressed, and, in some instances, settle the matter of alimony. However, as lives change after a divorce, people may end up moving to another state for one reason or another, which may complicate matters.

Determining whether alimony is at issue in a divorce

While there are similarities between different marriages in Arizona, each marriage is unique. How much money each spouse earns varies, how many children a couple has varies, how many assets and debts they have vary. Just as each marriage differs, each divorce differs as well based on the circumstances of the marriage. In most divorces with children, the couple will have to determine child custody and child support and pretty much every divorce will have to deal with asset division. However, one issue that is not always an issue in a divorce is alimony or spousal maintenance as it is commonly called.

When a person will not be able to modify alimony in Arizona

There are many issues that people must deal with during a divorce in Arizona. The main focus is how does one separate a joint life and begin an individual one moving forward. This includes both financially, and how each parent will maintain relationships with minor children if they have them. The major issues that couples have to deal with in order to accomplish this are child custody, parenting time, child support, alimony and property division.

Tax implications for paying and receiving alimony

When couples are married in Arizona, they generally have one life and they pay for the costs of that life together. Sometimes, this means that one spouse will work and earn the money, while the other stays at home with the children. Other times, both spouses earn income and provide to the financial resources of the family. This could be that both earn the same amount or many other different percentages of the overall income.

What are the requirements for seeking alimony in a divorce?

There are many divorces in Arizona each year. Each divorce is unique though. But, there are certain issues that are common to most divorces, such as property division, child support and child custody, if there are minor children involved, and alimony or spousal maintenance as it is commonly called. However, how each of these issues are dealt with will be different in each divorce depending on the unique circumstances of each marriage.

How alimony can affect a person's consumer credit report

Every marriage in Arizona is unique. Some couples earn about the same amount of money, sometimes one earns more than the other, but they both contribute and sometimes one spouse earns all the income and the other does not work at all. However, regardless of who earns the money, in Arizona it may all be considered marital property.

Collecting spousal maintenance arrears in Arizona

When people in Arizona marry, they unite their lives and begin a life together. This means more than just living in the same house or having a joint bank account. Everything the couple earns during the marriage is oftentimes shared equally regardless of who actually earns the money. When a couple has young children, sometimes one parent will work and the other will stay home with the children. The couple simply relies on that one income since they share everything.

Can one modify an alimony order in Arizona?

Throughout one's life in Arizona circumstances can change dramatically. One may go through stretches when they are earning a significant amount of money and are in good health. However, if the company hits hard times or decides to make changes one may lose their job. Also, people may end up getting injured and not be able to work again. These types of changes can happen to anyone.

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