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Determining the best interests of the child in Arizona

Many parents in Arizona have dealt with child custody issues. These can arise any time parents get divorced and have minor children or in situations where the parents were never married to each other. Child custody decisions can be very difficult and emotional for the parents. Many times each parent wants to have a meaningful relationship with their children and wants as much time as possible with them. Ultimately the decision is not based on what the parents want though and is instead based on the best interests of the children.

In order to determine the best interests of the child, the court considers many different factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, the relationship between the child and parent; the child's interaction with the parents, siblings and other people who have a significant relationship with the child; the child's adjustment to school and the community; the child's wishes if they are old enough and mature enough; the mental and physical health of the child and parents; if the parent is likely to ensure the child will maintain contact with the other parent; whether there has been any domestic abuse or child abuse; and others.

How is alimony determined in a divorce?

There are many people in Arizona going through a divorce. As they have probably figured out, there are many issues that must be sorted out during the process. One of the more contentious issues may be alimony, or spousal maintenance, as it is often called. Many people do not want to pay it because they may feel that now that they are living separate lives from their ex-spouse they should not be responsible for supporting their ex financially.

Alimony is not a guarantee in a divorce though. The determination of the amount can also be confusing for many people. When determining child support, for instance, there is a calculator that is used and all a person has to do is input certain numbers, such as the parties' respective income, among others, and then the amount they will pay in child support is calculated for them.

Arizona recognizes August as child support awareness month

Many parents in Arizona have had children and are now divorced or were never married to the child's other parent in the first place. These people have most likely had to deal with issues related to child custody and/or child support. Child custody orders govern who will care for the child on a daily basis and when the other parent will have visitation. Child support orders calculate the amount that the non-custodial parent will pay to the other parent in order to ensure the child's financial needs are being met.

The county in which a person lives also may become involved in enforcing a child support obligation to ensure that the parent is making the correct payments. In Arizona, August is Child Support Awareness Month. One Arizona county is recognizing the work that the Division of Child Support Services does in collecting child support and providing services for those either receiving or paying child support. The Division of Child Support Services has collected over $1 million to help support 1,076 children in the past year.

Fathers' rights: study shows fathers just as caring as mothers

There are many custody disputes in Arizona every year. Sometimes, these disputes start as a part of a divorce and others start between unwed couples who had a child together. For years, the general presumption was that the woman would receive custody of the children, especially when the children are younger. Women are generally seen as the caregivers in the family, and that they are more important for the child's upbringing than the fathers. However, recently there has been a push by men for fathers' rights in these disputes.

A recently published study strengthens fathers' push for more equality in custody determinations. The study analyzed brain activity of men and woman as they cared for their children. The study found that men who were raising children without a woman around had the same brain activity for caring for the children as women. The men also maintained the thinking, and planning brain activity that is found in men who take a secondary role to woman in the upbringing of their children. So, the study showed that men have the same capacity to care for their children as women.

Pamela Anderson files to divorce two-time husband once again

Arizona fans of Pamela Anderson may be interested to learn that the actress may be once again ending a marriage. This time she is reportedly splitting from her husband for a second time. The couple was married previously in 2007 and the marriage was annulled in 2008. This past January, Anderson revealed that the couple had secretly remarried. This marriage may have lasted about as long as the first though, as Anderson recently filed for divorce once again.

Many divorces occur every year in Arizona. Each divorce has various issues that must be sorted out between the parties. Some of these issues may include child custody and child support , alimony and asset division. Each issue has its own level of complexity depending on the circumstances of the relationship. For instance, asset division can range from the relatively easy, if the couple does not have many assets, to a long and very complex problem if it is a high net worth divorce, such as when celebrities like Anderson are divorced.

Link found between divorce and social network use

Marriage and divorce are both common events in Arizona. Divorce generally occurs when one or both spouses become unhappy with the other. The reasons why a person may become unhappy can vary quite a bit. Sometimes one spouse cheats on the other, sometimes there are alcohol or drug problems, domestic abuse or just because people change over time and no longer feel in love. Whatever the reason, there are a number of issues that must be resolved during the divorce from child custody to asset division.

While there are many reasons for divorce, a recent study found an interesting link to divorce rates. The study found that people who use Facebook at a higher rate tend to be more unhappy in their marriage. People who did not use social media were found to be 11 percent happier in their marriage. While the study did not find a direct link between social media use and divorce, the people who conducted the study reasoned that people who are in troubled marriages may turn to social media for support. They also thought people may be able find out more of what their spouse is doing through Facebook as well.

Buzz Aldrin sells condo as part of divorce involving alimony

Many people go through divorces every year in Arizona. Each divorce is different though. While there may be similarities between them, they are very fact specific and depend on the unique circumstances of each case. Some involve children, and therefore child custody and child support are issues. Others involve many assets which must be divided and require the use of various professionals simply to put a value on the assets. Others involve alimony. A combination of any of these may be involved in any given divorce.

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin found this out as he finalized a divorce involving alimony and the division of numerous assets. He recently sold a condo in Los Angeles as a result of the divorce for $2.86 million. His former spouse was granted 50 percent of all his profits from businesses, stocks and other assets. In addition to giving his former spouse 50 percent of the profits, he is paying her $9,500 in alimony each month. However, alimony is topped at 30 percent of his income each year.

Man caught in odd child support case starts jail sentence

There are many people in Arizona who receive child support and others who have to pay child support. This is generally based on the parents' respective incomes and the time they spend with the child. However, the parent required to pay does not always pay the court-ordered child support as directed. Some have good reasons for not paying, but they may face consequences, even jail time, if they don't pay.

One man found himself in this position, even after he paid his child support. The man fell behind in his child support payments because the child support was being garnished from his employer and not his own wages. The employer did not pay the child support to the court in order to give it to the mother of the child. The man eventually paid the child support he owed, plus some more, but it was too late for him to avoid jail time. The man's attorney stated that she hoped this was a cautionary tale to others to make sure their child support payments are being made properly.

Dads seeking more custody rights in court

There are many fathers in Arizona who are either divorced or were never married to the mother of their child. Traditionally mothers received most of the custody rights and parenting time with the children in these types of situations. This was in large part because mothers were seen as the caregivers and many felt that it was more important for a child's upbringing to be with their mothers.

However, more fathers are pushing for fathers' rights in custody situations. Having custody of their children is very important to many fathers, especially those who are not married to the mothers. This is because prior to establishing custody, they have no legal rights to their children.

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith are getting divorced

Fans of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith in Arizona may have been surprised when they heard that the couple is getting a divorce. The well-known couple has been married for 18 years and they have one child together. The couple issued a statement that the divorce is consensual and that they intend to end the marriage in a loving manner. Griffith is seeking spousal maintenance and the couple will have to work on splitting their assets and numerous properties in the U.S. and Spain, which may take some time.

While many people get divorced in Arizona each year, not all of them involve an extensive amount of assets. In any divorce, couples may have to make decisions regarding child custody, child support and spousal maintenance. These all can be very challenging by themselves. However, high asset divorces can present a whole new set of issues to resolve.

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