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Navigating child support matters in Arizona

It is now much more common in Arizona for children to have parents who are no longer together. This could because the parents divorced or were never married in the first place. However, one thing that has always been true is that there are many expenses that parents must pay to support their children. This is true whether the parents are together or not. The difference is that when the parents are separated, there is generally a child support order to govern how the parents split the children's costs.

These orders are based on the child support guidelines in Arizona. These may seem like fairly rigid rules at first glance, but they can be very complicated matters. Determining a person's income is not always straightforward. Also, certain portions of a person's income may be excluded, pursuant to the guidelines, and disputes over a person's true income can arise.

Presumption against child custody after domestic abuse occurs

Throughout any marriage in Arizona couples will have fights and disagreements over things. It is an inevitable part of relationships. Those arguments are handled in different ways depending on the relationship. Most of the time the arguments are verbal, but sometimes the arguments turn physical and domestic violence occurs. This violence also sometimes involves the children as well.

Domestic violence oftentimes leads to the end of relationships. As the relationship ends, the parties will have to deal with many of the same issues as any other relationship. One of those issues is child custody.

Amber Heard files for divorce from Johnny Depp

Many Arizona fans of the actor Johnny Depp may have heard the news that his wife, Amber Heard, filed for divorce. Apparently the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement and it is unclear what will happen with Depp's massive fortune. He has been in many very successful movies in his career and received a large amount of money for those movies. However, it is unknown what he earned while the couple was married, but Heard is seeking spousal maintenance as part of the divorce as well.

This divorce will most likely be very costly as Heard is entitled to half of what Depp earned during the marriage because California, like Arizona, is a community property state. She also could have enjoyed a very lavish lifestyle given Depp's mass fortune. It is also possible that the couple purchased a number of assets during the marriage as well.

Fathers with more parenting time reduce child support

There are many fathers in Arizona who have children but are no longer with the mother of the children. In these situations, the father may have felt like they were fighting an uphill battle during the custody and child support determinations. This is because there is sometimes an assumption that the mother should have more parenting time and should receive child support from the father of the child.

However, there is no rule stating that, and the father has the same rights as the mother to care for the children. These are fact specific cases and there is no presumption one way or the other. Custody determinations are made after analyzing a number of factors to determine what is in the best interests of the children.

Can one modify an alimony order in Arizona?

Throughout one's life in Arizona circumstances can change dramatically. One may go through stretches when they are earning a significant amount of money and are in good health. However, if the company hits hard times or decides to make changes one may lose their job. Also, people may end up getting injured and not be able to work again. These types of changes can happen to anyone.

The change of circumstances can also occur at any time. This can cause some significant problems for the person especially if they are divorced and have alimony obligations pursuant to a divorce decree. If the person divorced at a time when things were going well, they may have significant alimony payments they must make to their former spouse. This can become very difficult if they are no longer making the same amount of money.

Modifying an out-of-state child support order in Arizona

After parents split up in Arizona, generally one parent will pay support to the other parent in order to ensure that the child’s financial needs are being met. However, parents are also free to move where they want to live or take jobs that require them to move. This does not alleviate their duty to pay child support though. It just means that the child support order governing them is issued in a different state than they currently live.

As evidenced by moving to a different state, the lives of children and parents change over the course of a child’s life. That is why parents have the ability to modify child support orders, but this becomes slightly more difficult if the parents want to modify an out-of-state order in Arizona.

Circumstances when one can modify child custody orders in Arizona

When parents in Arizona get divorced, they will have to reach an agreement regarding the needs of their children and the rights of each parent post-divorce. A child custody order determines whether one parent or both parents will be making the decisions regarding the child's upbringing. The orders will also determine the primary residence of the child and when each parent will have parenting time with the child.

These orders remain in effect until the child is emancipated, which generally occurs around the time that the child is 18 years old. As any parent knows, children and their needs change dramatically from the time that they are young to when they turn 18. Also, circumstances can change for the parents during this timeframe as well.

Using QDROs to divide retirement accounts in a divorce

There is a multitude of reasons for couples in Arizona to file for divorce each year. However, the reason for the divorce does not matter when the couple begins separating their lives. The separation process is often just as unique as the marriage. The unique circumstances of the marriage will determine what issues will be dealt with during the divorce and how they will be handled when the divorcing spouses reach an agreement.

If the couple has minor children, they will have to deal with child custody, visitation and child support. Alimony or spousal maintenance will be an issue in some divorces if a spouse requests this form of financial assistance post-divorce. However, every divorcing couple will have to deal with property division to some extent.

What creates a presumption of paternity in Arizona?

It is important for fathers in Arizona to have good relationships with their child. In the past the mother's relationship was often times seen as more important, but the importance of the father's relationship is being recognized more and more. However, sometimes when the child is born, the biological father of the child is not immediately clear. It is easy to know who the mother is, but simply seeing a baby does not always identify the father.

In order to determine who the biological father is, paternity must be established. Sometimes that requires a paternity test, but there are many other situations where there is a presumed father prior to any testing.

David Hasselhoff files documents with court to stop alimony

There are many people in Arizona who know David Hasselhoff from his time acting in shows such as Knight Rider and Baywatch. According to reports, David Hasselhoff is contemplating retiring from acting as he is getting a little older now. However, he also is currently ordered to pay his ex-wife $21,000 a month in alimony.

Hasselhoff has now reportedly petitioned the court to modify his current order to eliminate his alimony obligation. Besides the fact that he wants to retire, he also claims his ex-wife has made no efforts to become self-sustaining since their divorce in 2006.

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