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Pamela Anderson files to divorce two-time husband once again

Arizona fans of Pamela Anderson may be interested to learn that the actress may be once again ending a marriage. This time she is reportedly splitting from her husband for a second time. The couple was married previously in 2007 and the marriage was annulled in 2008. This past January, Anderson revealed that the couple had secretly remarried. This marriage may have lasted about as long as the first though, as Anderson recently filed for divorce once again.

Many divorces occur every year in Arizona. Each divorce has various issues that must be sorted out between the parties. Some of these issues may include child custody and child support , alimony and asset division. Each issue has its own level of complexity depending on the circumstances of the relationship. For instance, asset division can range from the relatively easy, if the couple does not have many assets, to a long and very complex problem if it is a high net worth divorce, such as when celebrities like Anderson are divorced.

Link found between divorce and social network use

Marriage and divorce are both common events in Arizona. Divorce generally occurs when one or both spouses become unhappy with the other. The reasons why a person may become unhappy can vary quite a bit. Sometimes one spouse cheats on the other, sometimes there are alcohol or drug problems, domestic abuse or just because people change over time and no longer feel in love. Whatever the reason, there are a number of issues that must be resolved during the divorce from child custody to asset division.

While there are many reasons for divorce, a recent study found an interesting link to divorce rates. The study found that people who use Facebook at a higher rate tend to be more unhappy in their marriage. People who did not use social media were found to be 11 percent happier in their marriage. While the study did not find a direct link between social media use and divorce, the people who conducted the study reasoned that people who are in troubled marriages may turn to social media for support. They also thought people may be able find out more of what their spouse is doing through Facebook as well.

Buzz Aldrin sells condo as part of divorce involving alimony

Many people go through divorces every year in Arizona. Each divorce is different though. While there may be similarities between them, they are very fact specific and depend on the unique circumstances of each case. Some involve children, and therefore child custody and child support are issues. Others involve many assets which must be divided and require the use of various professionals simply to put a value on the assets. Others involve alimony. A combination of any of these may be involved in any given divorce.

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin found this out as he finalized a divorce involving alimony and the division of numerous assets. He recently sold a condo in Los Angeles as a result of the divorce for $2.86 million. His former spouse was granted 50 percent of all his profits from businesses, stocks and other assets. In addition to giving his former spouse 50 percent of the profits, he is paying her $9,500 in alimony each month. However, alimony is topped at 30 percent of his income each year.

Man caught in odd child support case starts jail sentence

There are many people in Arizona who receive child support and others who have to pay child support. This is generally based on the parents' respective incomes and the time they spend with the child. However, the parent required to pay does not always pay the court-ordered child support as directed. Some have good reasons for not paying, but they may face consequences, even jail time, if they don't pay.

One man found himself in this position, even after he paid his child support. The man fell behind in his child support payments because the child support was being garnished from his employer and not his own wages. The employer did not pay the child support to the court in order to give it to the mother of the child. The man eventually paid the child support he owed, plus some more, but it was too late for him to avoid jail time. The man's attorney stated that she hoped this was a cautionary tale to others to make sure their child support payments are being made properly.

Dads seeking more custody rights in court

There are many fathers in Arizona who are either divorced or were never married to the mother of their child. Traditionally mothers received most of the custody rights and parenting time with the children in these types of situations. This was in large part because mothers were seen as the caregivers and many felt that it was more important for a child's upbringing to be with their mothers.

However, more fathers are pushing for fathers' rights in custody situations. Having custody of their children is very important to many fathers, especially those who are not married to the mothers. This is because prior to establishing custody, they have no legal rights to their children.

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith are getting divorced

Fans of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith in Arizona may have been surprised when they heard that the couple is getting a divorce. The well-known couple has been married for 18 years and they have one child together. The couple issued a statement that the divorce is consensual and that they intend to end the marriage in a loving manner. Griffith is seeking spousal maintenance and the couple will have to work on splitting their assets and numerous properties in the U.S. and Spain, which may take some time.

While many people get divorced in Arizona each year, not all of them involve an extensive amount of assets. In any divorce, couples may have to make decisions regarding child custody, child support and spousal maintenance. These all can be very challenging by themselves. However, high asset divorces can present a whole new set of issues to resolve.

Couple ends custody battle after one child disappeared years ago

Many people in Arizona get divorced with children or have a child with a person they are not married to at the time. In either situation the couple will have to determine who will have custody of the child. Child custody determinations can be very difficult especially when both parents want what they believe is best for the child, but do not believe the other parent can provide it for them. In addition to the custody determination, parents also must decide on parenting time, which can raise a whole new set of issues.

One couple recently settled a child custody dispute after being divorced in December 2013. One of the couple's children had disappeared four years ago and the couple was fighting over custody of the other child. The father was given physical custody of the child and she will reside with him, but the mother was allowed supervised visitation in a highly regimented setting. The main reason for this is that the judge in the matter believes the mother had something to do with the disappearance of the other child, despite the fact that she has never been formally charged in the incident.

Alimony is a contested issue in Knicks' point guard's divorce

NBA fans in Arizona may have heard Raymond Felton, the point guard for the New York Knicks, had been charged with a felony after pulling out a gun during an argument with his wife, after she filed for divorce. Well the couple was in court, recently, attempting to settle their divorce. No agreement was reached as Felton's wife is seeking alimony, and the point guard claims that he does not owe her alimony as the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement, prior to marriage. His wife states that the prenuptial agreement should be voided because she claims he cheated on her during the marriage.

Many divorces, like Felton's, are hotly contested and can get very nasty. Even though emotions can run very high, there are still many issues that must be resolved before the couple can actually get divorced. They must deal with child custody and child support, if they have minor children, dividing property, bank accounts and other assets as well as debts. Even more problematic, in some cases, alimony becomes an issue, especially if one spouse makes significantly more than the other spouse.

Man charged twice for child support

Many people in Arizona have been divorced or had a child with a person they are no longer seeing. Generally, when this happens, there is a child custody and parenting time order. This governs when the child will be with each parent. It also has an effect on the child support order. Whoever has the child less will pay child support to the other parent. When that parent pays, no matter how they pay, there is usually no issue between the parents, at least as to child support.

This was not the case for one father, though. The couple had worked out a child support agreement between themselves, in an attempt to make the divorce less complicated. The man was paying his ex through automatic withdrawals from his bank account to her and never missed a payment.

Jason Patric wins appeal to pursue establishing paternity

There are many children born every day in Arizona. Some of these children are born to parents who are married and others are born to unwed parents. For fathers this means two different things in terms of their legal rights to the child. Fathers who are married to the mothers are considered the father of the child when the child is born. However, fathers who are not married to the mother must establish paternity before being considered the legal father of the child. Fathers' rights are very important to unwed fathers who want to be a part of their child's life.

Actor Jason Patric has been going through a long legal battle in order to establish paternity of his child. His situation is a little unique as the child was conceived through in-vitro fertilization. However, Patric had a relationship with the child for about three years before the mother no longer allowed him to have any contact with the child. He then started a paternity action. The district court said he had no claim since he was likened to a sperm donor, but the court of appeals overturned that decision and has allowed Patric to pursue his paternity action.

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