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How paternity affects Arizona parents

There are many parents in Arizona. Many of these parents had their children with their spouse, while many others had children with people to whom they are not married. If a man is not married to the mother of his child, the law does not immediately recognize him as the father. In order to be legally recognized, paternity must be established.

There are a couple of ways to do this, and it is important to establish paternity because fathers' rights, including the right to receive child support or obtain visitation and custody, do not exist until paternity is established. One way to establish paternity is by having both parents sign an acknowledgement of parentage naming the man as the father. However, if this is not done, the parents must undergo genetic testing. The man will be the presumed father if the results of the genetic test indicate there is at least a 95% chance that he is the father.

Underemployment and unemployment with regard to child support

Parents in Arizona have all types of jobs. Some work in finance, business, construction, healthcare, hospitality, and many other types of jobs. Generally speaking, an individual's profession dictates what he or she can afford. This includes what they are able to provide for their children. However, regardless of how much or little they are able to provide, parents have an obligation to provide the essentials for their children.

Parents must continue to provide for their children's needs even if they end up divorcing from each other. If a couple divorces, then a noncustodial parent will typically have to pay a sum of money to the custodial parent pursuant to a child support order. The amount to be paid depends on a number of factors found in the child support guidelines.

Temporary child custody orders during a divorce in Arizona

Raising children in Arizona can be very difficult. While a couple is married, they generally can share in the responsibilities, and the children often have the ability to build relationships with both parents. If the couple splits or is divorced, and the children have a good relationship with both, ensuring that both parents have the opportunity to continue the relationship is important. On the other hand, if one parent endangers the children, it is important that he or she have only limited contact with them.

A divorce can be a relatively long process, and oftentimes the couple separates during the proceedings. Sometimes the parents can figure out a temporary solution on their own, but this is not always the case. Therefore, while the divorce is pending, either parent can petition the court for a temporary child custody order and parenting time schedule.

When a person will not be able to modify alimony in Arizona

There are many issues that people must deal with during a divorce in Arizona. The main focus is how does one separate a joint life and begin an individual one moving forward. This includes both financially, and how each parent will maintain relationships with minor children if they have them. The major issues that couples have to deal with in order to accomplish this are child custody, parenting time, child support, alimony and property division.

One major part of moving forward is how each spouse will pay for his or her monthly budget. If one spouse needs financial support in order to meet this new budget because he or she does not work or if doesn't earn enough to support him- or herself, the other spouse may need to provide some financial support.

Tax consequences associated with high asset divorces

When people get divorced in Arizona, there are many things that they must think about as they move forward, for example, where one is going to live and how will he or she will afford everything. Other concerns might include the children, such as which parent will they live with, and when will each parent see the children. Another is who will get the various assets that the couple owns. This can include household goods or furniture as well as bank accounts, properties, retirement accounts and other assets.

Dividing the assets can be the last of one's concerns at first, but this can be a very complicated and contentious issue, especially if it is a high-asset divorce. The more assets a couple has, the more they have to divide. Also, high-asset divorces tend to involve more complex assets such as businesses, stock options, retirement accounts, multiple properties, collectables and others. Simply valuing these assets can be difficult and require the use of various professionals.

Arizona counties working with people with child support arrears

Having a child in Arizona can be a very exciting time for parents. In addition to the excitement, there is also a lot of responsibility that comes with having a child. Parents have to raise the children, which means not only loving them and setting rules, but also providing for them financially. Parents must provide food, shelter and clothes as basics, but also need to provide for medical needs, extracurricular activities and many of parts of a child's life.

If parents divorce, this obligation does not end, but now instead of paying for things directly, one parent may end up having to pay child support to the other parent to provide for these needs. The parent is required to pay the child support ordered until it is modified, but sometimes circumstances change during the course of a child's upbringing, and a parent is unable to continue making payments. This means that the parent now has arrears which must be paid eventually.

Determining whether parents should have sole or joint custody

While children are minors, parents in Arizona are responsible for providing for the child. This not only includes providing for their food, clothing and shelter, but also making certain decisions for the children. Parents must decide where the children will go to school, make calls about medical treatment, make religious decisions and others. While parents are together, they make many of these decisions together, but if the parents divorce or separate, making these decisions can become more difficult.

Despite the difficulties these decisions must still be made. That is why a judge must make child custody determinations during a divorce or custody proceeding. Custody simply means decision making and is a separate decision from parenting time, which determines when the child will be with each parent.

Tax implications for paying and receiving alimony

When couples are married in Arizona, they generally have one life and they pay for the costs of that life together. Sometimes, this means that one spouse will work and earn the money, while the other stays at home with the children. Other times, both spouses earn income and provide to the financial resources of the family. This could be that both earn the same amount or many other different percentages of the overall income.

However, if the couple gets divorced, then all of a sudden, they will have to pay for two separate lives. If both earned about the same amount, then most likely, they will both have resources to pay for a separate life. But, if one spouse earned all the income or much more than the other one, the spouse who did not work could have significant troubles in financing his or her own life.

Brad Pitt focused on his children during the divorce process

Many people in Arizona are probably aware of the fact that actress, Angelina Jolie, recently filed for divorce from her husband, Brad Pitt. The divorce got ugly quickly, with Jolie accusing Pitt of abusing one of their children. Apparently, Pitt was crushed by the divorce, but has been focusing on his children and will do what he needs to do to see them. The couple did agree to joint physical custody temporarily, but the children will be staying with Jolie. Pitt has agreed to do drug testing and go to therapy with the children.

This divorce may be long from over, and it sounds like the children will be the focus for both parties. Pitt finds himself in a position that many fathers in Arizona have probably found themselves in during a divorce or custody proceeding. They feel that they are fighting an uphill battle and have to jump through hoops to see their children. Despite the difficulties, many continue to fight for fathers' rights to see their children and want to have a good relationship with them.

When can one deviate from the child support guidelines?

As many parents in Arizona know, raising a child can be expensive. Children rely on their parents to provide not only the necessities in life, but also many extras as well. This does not change if the parents split up though. However, how the expenses are paid for certain changes. There are no longer joint accounts, and there are generally two different households and separate monthly bills. So, to ensure both parents are still contributing their share, most of the time, the parents will have a child support order.

The amount of child support is based on the child support guidelines in Arizona. This is generally based on the parents' incomes and other factors that generate a monthly amount that one parent will pay the other. But, sometimes, the guidelines do not generate an appropriate amount for a specific family.

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