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How child support changes when one child is emancipated

There are many people who have children in Arizona who are no longer with the other parent. In these cases, generally, the non-custodial parent will end up paying child support to the other parent. This is a monthly payment from one parent to the other to ensure that the child's financial needs are met. The amount is based on the child support guidelines in Arizona.

These guidelines take into account a number of factors about the parents' financial situation and the financial needs of the child. Once ordered, the monthly obligation continues until the child is emancipated, which is when the child turns 18, graduates from high school or turns 19, whichever occurs first.

Disclosing financial assets in a high asset divorce

A divorce is generally not an easy process for people in Arizona. Trying to separate a life that was lived as one into two separate lives can be very complicated. Also, while a couple is dividing many aspects of their lives, many times they are not happy with the other one and emotions can affect the decision making process. However, despite the complications and difficulties couples must do this during the divorce.

There are many decisions that must be made regarding the separation. The couple may need to make decisions about child custody and child support if they have children. They may also need to make decisions regarding alimony. However, every couple will need to divide their assets. If it is a high asset divorce this can be a very time consuming and complicated process.

How investigations may be useful for child custody decisions

There are many different ways that parents in Arizona raise their children. While there are certain things that every parent would agree is not a proper way of parenting, many other aspects of raising a child are up to the parent who knows the child best. Certain tactics will work for one child, but may not work for another. So, parents may have to adapt in order to do what is best for the child.

As there are many different ways that parents can raise their children, even two parents may disagree with each other about how to raise their children. If the couple divorces, these differences may come to the forefront as they try to make decisions regarding child custody and parenting time.

How alimony can affect a person's consumer credit report

Every marriage in Arizona is unique. Some couples earn about the same amount of money, sometimes one earns more than the other, but they both contribute and sometimes one spouse earns all the income and the other does not work at all. However, regardless of who earns the money, in Arizona it may all be considered marital property.

So, when a couple gets divorced, the divorce is also unique based on the specific circumstances of the marriage. One part of a divorce that is based on how the couple handled the finances is alimony, or spousal maintenance, as it is also called.

Actor Jay Mohr files for divorce from actress Nikki Cox

Arizona fans of actor and comedian Jay Mohr may be surprised to learn that reports state that he filed for divorce from his wife of nine years, actress Nikki Cox. The couple met when the two were working on the same show. The couple has one child, who is now 5-years-old. Mohr is apparently seeking sole physical custody of their child. Apparently Cox has a drug issue and, according to Mohr, she cannot properly care for the child until she seeks help for her drug issues.

Many fathers in Arizona find themselves going through divorce as well. This can be a very difficult time for them as they face the fact that their marriage broke down and that they will have to separate their lives from their spouse. This may include spending much less time with their children. Many fathers have very good relationships with their children, but oftentimes they may feel that they fight an uphill battle in order to see them during a divorce.

How to determine gross income for child support

There are many costs associated with raising a child in Arizona. Parents have to put a roof over their heads, make sure they have food to eat, give them clothes to wear and many other costs. When the parents are together in a relationship they work together to ensure these costs are paid. It could mean that one parent works and the other stays at home with the children, or it could mean that both parents work in either a full or part-time basis.

However, not all parents are still together. But, the child will still have these needs. Therefore, parents are usually bound by a child support order to ensure that these financial needs are met by both parents.

A parent's substance use may have an effect on child custody

There are many ways that people in Arizona cope with different problems or situations going on in their lives. One way that people do this is through various chemical substances, such as alcohol or various drugs. Some of these chemical substances are also very addictive and can be abused by people. When a person abuses chemical substances, it can have many detrimental effects on their life, including whether they can have custody of their children.

Child custody determinations are made based on what is in the best interests of the child. Arizona statutes state that there is a rebuttable presumption that a parent who abuses substances should not have sole custody of their children. The court determines this based on whether the parent has any drug-related convictions and other evidence that the parent abuses substances.

Using prenuptial agreements to protect property in divorce

Divorces are oftentimes the opposite of weddings. There is no celebration and the happiness is gone. Divorces can be very bitter and combative as well. Also, almost everything that is earned or acquired by the couple during the marriage is considered community property and the couple will need to split up the property during the divorce. This can be a very long and complicated process, especially in a high-asset divorce.

However, as a way to potentially cut down of on the length and complication of dividing property, couples in Phoenix can enter into prenuptial agreements prior to the marriage. This can be particularly important when a person has many assets heading into the marriage.

Collecting spousal maintenance arrears in Arizona

When people in Arizona marry, they unite their lives and begin a life together. This means more than just living in the same house or having a joint bank account. Everything the couple earns during the marriage is oftentimes shared equally regardless of who actually earns the money. When a couple has young children, sometimes one parent will work and the other will stay home with the children. The couple simply relies on that one income since they share everything.

When people divorce, they need to split everything equally just as they shared everything during the marriage. However, if one spouse did not work and the other did, it can put the non-working spouse in a difficult position as they try to earn an income after the divorce. That is why some spouses will receive spousal maintenance or alimony, as it is commonly called. This is a payment generally from the higher earning spouse to the lower earning spouse to ensure that they will have sufficient resources after the divorce.

Navigating child support matters in Arizona

It is now much more common in Arizona for children to have parents who are no longer together. This could because the parents divorced or were never married in the first place. However, one thing that has always been true is that there are many expenses that parents must pay to support their children. This is true whether the parents are together or not. The difference is that when the parents are separated, there is generally a child support order to govern how the parents split the children's costs.

These orders are based on the child support guidelines in Arizona. These may seem like fairly rigid rules at first glance, but they can be very complicated matters. Determining a person's income is not always straightforward. Also, certain portions of a person's income may be excluded, pursuant to the guidelines, and disputes over a person's true income can arise.

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